Let us help to settle in the city in a fast and reliable way. Our relocation services include basic orientation in the city, search for schools and housing. Portan relocation team will always be at your side throughout the adjustment in your new home and environment.

Get to know the new city!
Conscious of the importance to feel the city´s vibe and get to know a little about it before considering any relocation process the “Expat city tour” consists in a tour around the most common expat living areas: shopping centers, super markets, schools, restaurant areas, public parks, gyms, etc.
According to expat’s needs and budget we find the best options that suits these criteria by pre-selecting various options in advance.
Our relocation specialists not only accompany residence’s inspection but also advise on renting contracts requirements and conditions.
Guidance for conducting a lease
Accompaniment at the time of delivery of the property and inventory (photographic and written)
According to expat’s family school needs and interests different options are presented. School meetings are scheduled and advise on regulations, formats and document is given.
Practical information is given to the expat and his/her family.
• Important aspects such as Colombian history and general aspects.
• Professional, personal and social protocols.
• General aspects of the daily life are provided in this training.
We provide support and information to the expat and his/her family regarding Colombia´s visas process in order to assure a hassle free process.
• Information and necessary documentation
• Processing and sending for signature and legalization by the employee/company
• Support during the process.