FIDI is worldwide moving companies alliance certified with the highest quality standards under the FAIM certification granted by Ernst & Young.


In order to obtain the FAIM quality certification it is necessary to go through an on-site audit performed by Ernst & Young. PORTAN has obtained its recertification though out the last 10 years.


  • The job done of unpackaging from the whole staff was excellent, their punctuality and attitude were as well. Congratulations on a great work.

  • The team was outstanding, professionals and collaborative, they helped me with a complicated situation.

  • Excellent service, the staff was friendly, cordial, responsible and the gave the extra mile all the time.

  • This is my second experience with Portan and both times has been excellent.

  • This is my second experience with Portan and both times has been excellent.

  • I would like to make a special recognition to all the staff, who exceeded my expectations. After more than 10 moving worldwide I can say this has been the best team after 17 years of moving around the world.

  • The whole staff was professional friendly, we were extremely impressed with their service and plan to recommend their team to others.

  • This is my first move without damage.

  • All workers were very professional and polite and did an outstanding job.

  • Very efficient and professional, staff very friendly. Thank you for your support.

  • The packing service and the coordination process with the administrative office was excellent, I will recommend this service to others.

  • The team was very professional, very organized and took special care of my possessions this is the best moving experience I have had in 15 years.